Engaging Debut in Overseas Education Fair, EDUPlus

Campus France, Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau, have first joined the Overseas Education Fair organized by EDUPlus, Sing Tao News on 30 March 2014. As the first and only representative from a non-Anglophone country to participate in this fair, we present to Hong Kong people the open and affordable education opportunities in the French system.

More and more programmes taught in English are available for potential students who wish to study in English while enjoying the cultural environment in France.


Two alumni, Angelica Lam, previous awardee of IESA Discovery Scholarship who did an art summer course in Paris summer 2013, and Edgar Chung who did a master degree in applied languages and management in Orléans, contributed their Sunday afternoon time to help at our booth. Their sharing and information engaged a lot of visitors who think about going to France.


Visitors enquire about programmes from secondary to undergraduate and graduate levels. Lots of them have an interest in the fields of art, design and fashion.


publié le 08/04/2014

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