Documentation about Covid-19 from the Hong Kong Government and HKU-Pasteur Research Pole [fr]

Mapping of available information on Covid-19 in Hong Kong, provided by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole.


Websites and webpages on the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak

Together, We Fight the Virus! : A Government website dedicated to Covid-19 pandemic information. The website displays health tips, news about the evolution of the outbreak in Hong Kong, and regulations implemented by the Government, with clarifications on some of them.
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Documentation on the Covid-19 outbreak evolution in Hong Kong

Government Dashboard: Real-time screening of the evolution of the outbreak in Hong Kong, by the Centre for Health Protection.
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Public hospitals daily update on COVID-19 cases: Daily updates by the Hospital Authority on the Covid-19 outbreak in Hong Kong.
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Documentation about governmental measures

Factsheet on implemented measures in Hong Kong to fight against Covid-19 outbreak: A list made by the Government of the measures and programmes implemented in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Frequently Asked Questions on New Requirements to Reduce Gatherings: List of questions on the Regulation to Reduce Gatherings implemented by the Government.
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Guidelines of the Centre for Health Protection: Guidelines on Covid-19 prevention for the general public, established by the Centre for Health Protection. These guidelines address various topics such as the use of face masks, the use of bleach or food safety in the context of Covid-19.
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Support Hong Kong Together: Government’s package of measures to support individuals and businesses affected by Covid-19.
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Health tips and prevention guidelines

Fight the Coronavirus: A video series of health tips and prevention guidelines filed under the “Fight the Coronavirus” tab of the Information Services Department’s YouTube channel.
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Learn more about communicable diseases: A video series filed under the “Learn more about communicable diseases” tab of the Centre for Health Protection’s YouTube channel. This series encompasses various health tips’ videos to adapt to the Covid-19 outbreak.
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Keep Clean Be Healthy: A guide to personal home and environmental hygiene in the context of the Covid-19, made by the Centre for Health Protection.
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HKU-Pasteur Research Pole

2019nCoV: Virus’ factsheet and protective measures: Factsheet on the Covid-19 virus and disease, as well as some prevention guidelines.
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Network news: Learn more about Institut Pasteur International Network In Asia Pacific’s Involvement In The Fight Against Covid-19.

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Instituts Pasteur International Network Covid-19 Observatory: Factheets on the state of the outbreak in countries where Instituts Pasteur are located, including Hong Kong.

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Pasteur Foundation Asia

Research on Covid-19, Interview: Interview by the Pasteur Foundation Asia of Prof Leo Poon at the Hong Kong University School of Public Health about his research work on Covid-19.
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publié le 06/11/2020

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