Digital resources : the French Ministry of Education’s new priority

On June 5, the ministers of Higher Education of the Francophonie held a meeting to discuss the development and usage of digital resources in Francophone universities. Ultimately, this meeting revealed the Ministry of Education’s intention to make digital resources a priority for tertiary education.

The ministers present first questioned the place given to digital resources today as well as its ability to ensure that tertiary studies that take into account today’s concerns. Intrinsically, initiatives need to be taken to better enable learning with digital resources, and to further make them accessible to all students from the francophonie regardless of the material wealth of individual countries.


Therefore, ministers first underlined the importance of free usage and exchange of available digital resources between or within universities. In order to facilitate the circulation of digital information and equipment, representatives encouraged the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie to launch a common francophone portal to centralize testimonies and projects aiming to update pedagogical models. Moreover, the meeting revealed the need to further showcase available human resources, which hold comprehensive knowledge about the digital world, in order to ensure that all universities may benefit from their expertise.
Lastly, the present ministers urged the concerned bodies and organisations to reflect upon the available certifications and qualifications on digital distance education, and the AUF committed to gather experts to feed the discussion.


The present ministers insisted on the necessity to encourage the modernization of the management of tertiary education establishments. They thus affirmed their intention to gather equipment allowing the development of digital resources in francophone educational institutions. This collaboration to promote and render digital tools accessible concerns all francophone establishments and attests to the French government’s willingness to offer possibilities for a quality and modern higher education,

A similar meeting is already scheduled for next year to evaluate the progress of digital resources in francophone tertiary education.

publié le 19/06/2015

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