Déclaration du porte-parole de l’Union européenne [en] [中文]

Statement by the Spokesperson on the disappearance of individuals associated with the Mighty Current publishing house in Hong Kong.

"The continuing lack of information about the well-being and whereabouts of five Hong Kong residents (Lui Bo, Gui Minhai, Zhang Zhiping, Lin Rongji and Lee Po) associated with the publishing house Mighty Current is extremely worrying.

Two of them are EU citizens - Gui Minhai is a Swedish national, and Lee Po is a British national. In the case of Gui Minhai, he has been reported missing in Thailand since mid-October.

As Hong Kong Chief Executive C Y Leung has stated, it would be a violation of the Basic Law if, as media allege, mainland law enforcement agencies had been operating in Hong Kong. This would be inconsistent with the ‘one country two systems’ principle.

Respect for freedom of expression underpins all free societies. The relevant authorities in Thailand, China and Hong Kong should investigate and clarify the circumstances of the disappearances in conformity with the rule of law."

Source : http://eeas.europa.eu/statements-eeas/2016/160107_03_en.htm

publié le 11/01/2016

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