Dare a “Prepa” Schools ! [fr]

Mistakenly, many students do not dare to apply for a “Prepa” (preparatory classes to access to French “Grandes Ecoles”) because they are afraid of not having the sufficient level. But while the most renowned “Prepa schools” retain the best students, others are less selective. According to the teachers, with a grade set in the first half of his class, a high school student can take a chance.


In France, preparatory classes for “Grandes Ecoles” (CPGE) or “prepa” schools are selective degree courses. “Prepa” schools select candidates after their secondary school diploma and prepare students, in one, two or three years, for the admission exam to certain “Grandes Ecoles” (in business engineering and veterinary medicines, in particular). Each year, there are some 80,000 students enrolled in “Prepa” in France.

Divided into 3 streams (literature, economics, science), the “Prepa” offer a multidisciplinary curriculum and provide students with valuable work methods, regardless the continuation of studies.

To embark on this path, the first prerequisite is, of course, the motivation: one must be determined to work hard.

Even if they lose ground to parallel admissions, "Prepas" remain the privileged entrance door for the most prestigious high schools.


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Source : Article published in "Le Monde" website, January 17, 2016

publié le 20/12/2016

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