Covid-19: France on Hong Kong authorities’ list of “high-risk places” [fr]

Since August 20, France is on the the Hong Kong government’s list of "high-risk places". (see the HKSAR government’s press release).

Specific procedures and documents must be completed for travelers from France to Hong Kong.

1) Mandatory negative Covid-19 test report:

- This measure applies to all passengers traveling from France or who have stayed in France during the 21 days before boarding a flight to Hong Kong (including children of all ages);

- The sample for the test must be taken within 72 hours before the scheduled flight (the last flight in case of connecting flights);

- Travelers must present four documents, which shall be printed and without which boarding or entry to Hong Kong could be refused:

  • a) the original test result in French ;
  • b) a written confirmation in English issued by the laboratory confirming the negative test result and displaying the name of the relevant traveler identical to that in his/her valid travel document. Please download the relevant document to fill below:
PDF - 12.9 kb
Attestation nominative en anglais confirmant le résultat négatif
(PDF - 12.9 kb)
  • c) a certificate from the Consulate General of France Hong Kong and Macau confirming that all laboratories featured on the website of the French Ministry of Health are certified ISO15189 and registered with the French authorities. Please download the relevant document below:
PDF - 5.9 Mb
Lettre du Consulat général de France à Hong Kong
(PDF - 5.9 Mb)
  • d) a printed version of the page from the website featuring the laboratory chosen to undergo the test. To that end, please visit (French only) and follow the following steps:
    - select the department (location) of your choice,
    - make sure the case "Tests RT-PCR" is ticked,
    - select "Ouverts à tout public" (’Open to general public’) in the scrolling menu "Type de centre de dépistage" (’Type of testing centre’),
    - print the relevant page featuring the laboratory of your choice.


2) Mandatory Hotel Quarantine:

- the possibility of home-quarantine is no longer possible for passengers traveling from France or who have stayed in France during the 21 days before boarding a flight to Hong Kong ;

- travelers must present a confirmation in English or Chinese of room reservation in a hotel in Hong Kong for not less than 21 days starting on the day of their arrival in Hong Kong. With effect from 22 December 2020, travelers arriving in Hong Kong from France must stay, at their own expenses, in a Designated Quarantine Hotel for undergoing 21-day quarantine:

If you have any questions, please contact us at

For further information, please visit the Hong Kong government’s website:

publié le 23/08/2021

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