Consequence of climate change and pollution on coral reef. [fr]

Taking part of the International Day of the Oceans in June 8th, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macao hold an evening debate on the topic of corals.

By early evening was broadcasted the documentary "Juan de Nova Island corals" produces by Rémy Tézier. This film deals with a scientific expedition conducted by a French researchers team on a small isolated island in the Indian Ocean. The study aim was to understand the impact on climate change and pollution on corals.


Dr. Nicolas Duprey is presenting the results of his research on corals in Hong Kong.

In the second part of the evening Dr. Nicolas Duprey from the Swims (The Swire Institute of Marine Science in the Hong Kong University) presented results from his studies explaining the correlation between water pollution and decaying of corals in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong clear links have been established between a strong urban concentration and the decays of coral reef. However, establishing the precise consequences of human activities on corals could be more more difficult because of naturals phenomena that can have huge effects as El Nino.

After a thirty minutes the presentation, the evening continued with a session of questions and answers for about 45 minutes. Various themes were discussed such as the impact of higher temperature or ocean acidification on coral life.

publié le 19/12/2016

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