Conference : “Towards a Smart Sustainable City - Potential and Opportunities for Hong Kong” [fr]

"BEC EnviroSeries Conference" : A conference on Smart Sustainable City will be held on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at the Mira Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui).


The EnviroSeries Conference has been BEC’s flagship event, since 2002. It provides a cross-sector forum in Hong Kong for government officials, policy makers, business leaders, professionals, and local and international experts to address key sustainability issues.

This year, a panel of experts will talk about Smart Sustainable City (potential and opportunities for Hong Kong). As the flagship event of Business Environment Council since 2012, this EnviroSeries Conference will explore how the smart city approach can help Hong Kong minimise negative environmental impact, enhance liveability and capture business advantage through the use of smart data analytics and innovative ICT (tentative topics include Smart city solutions: Energy and energy management; Sustainable and competitive city: smart transportation and green logistics; Big data: open data for smart decision-making - smart governance & smart people for urban planning and city development). The aim is to inspire out-of-the-box thinking which can foster business and government collaboration for a more efficient, competitive and sustainable Hong Kong.
The Consulate General of France gives its full support to this initiative on behalf on actions against climate change.

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publié le 30/10/2017

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