Come to join the dance party with NAO robots and the "Instrumen" [fr]

The dance show "Robot" by Blanca Li Dance Company will take place on 5,6 and 7 August during International Arts Carnival 2016.

Les 5 et 6 août à 19h
Le 7 août à 15h

Lieu: Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium

Eight amazingly agile dancers take to the stage with seven lovable NAO robots, each with its own "personality". Together they take you into a surreal world where the absurd and humorous meet the poignant and heart-warming, and boundaries between humans and machines fall away. Watch how a robotic novice dancer "learns" to swing with the beat while an eye-opening human-machine partnership inspires an endearing pas de deux.

France’s pioneering Blanca Li Dance Company spent three years creating this international hit, which also incorporates the mechanical orchestra of Japanese avant-garde group Maywa Denki. Serving as art installations as well as providing magical live accompaniment, the automated instruments add to the fluid choreography and dazzling projection to del iver a futurist ic extravaganza. A truly animated dance party that sets in motion the question of what it means to be alive!

publié le 04/08/2016

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