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Collège de France is a public higher education institution, which is unique in France and has no equivalent abroad. Since the 16th century, Collège de France has had a two-fold mission: to be a forum for cutting-edge research and teaching.

Collège de France is committed to fundamental research, in partnership with the CNRS, INSERM and several other major institutions, but what differentiates it is that it teaches "knowledge in the making in every field of literature, science and the arts".


Exceptional teaching, freely accessible to all…

The Collège de France is entirely devoted to FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH. It brings together well-known scholars and scientists that have distinguished themselves through their discoveries, their personal views, and their original work. The disciplines taught are continually reviewed to take into acccount the evolution of knowledge: a Chair is created for each new professor and the course topic updated to reflect his or her most recent independent research. Nowhere else is teaching so closely linked to such a level of excellence in research. Nowhere else is knowledge transmitted as it emerges. Nowhere else is such a sum of knowledge and of references disseminated,
thanks to rigorous, demanding, and accessible modes of presentation. The strength and singularity of the Collège de France lie in its generous mission – docet omnia, which we today perceive as reading docet omnes omnia:

“To teach everything to everyone”.

Education at the Collège de France is dispensed to all, without registration nor tution fees. Lectures are open to everyone, without registration nor prior reservation. Unlike all other private or public institutions in France and throughout the world, access to these top-level multidisciplinary fields of knowledge is entirely free.

…24 hours a day, throughout the world

You can, of course, go on this fascinating intellectual adventure right here in Paris, in the heart of the Latin Quarter, in fully renovated lecture halls and classrooms,
as do 150,000 attendees. And now, from around the world, 24 hours a day, thanks to the website, you can follow an entire series of lectures by a professor, as his or her research evolves. Whether you are a student in Paris, elsewhere in France or abroad, whether you are a professor, a researcher, an academic expert or an amateur, you will be in direct contact with research excellence.

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publié le 16/01/2015

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