Cine-Talk: “Kickin’ French cinema” on May 3rd

JPEG Only a few weeks before the beginning of Cannes Film Festival. To get into the mood, come to debate at Alliance Française Library on May 3rd at 7 pm.

Cine-Talk: “Kickin’ French cinema”

By Violaine Caminade de Schuytter

From Tati’s Playtime’s ballet where feet show their bouncy autonomy to La Gueule ouverte from Pialat where the foot of an agonizing wife gains the affection of her inconsistent and seductive husband…
From explicit to figurative sense in Pickpocket and Les Valseuses (expressions in French with the word feet are common : « prendre son pied », « avoir les pieds sur terre »)…

Are feets in French cinema only anecdotic ?

Free entrance.

Talk in English. Excerpts of the movies in French with English subtitles

Thursday, May 3rd
Alliance Française Library
52 Jordan Rd, Kowloon
Tel: 2730 8598


publié le 23/04/2012

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