Cine Fan Nov/Dec 2019: French films selection [fr] [中文]

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society’s year-round Cine Fan program presents a world of cinematic fantasies in its November/December edition, among which, the visual comedies of Jacques TATI and Jean-Luc GODARD’s awe-inspiring visions on the history of cinema complete the French selection.


The Logic of Illusion: Jacques Tati

One of the greatest comedians in the history of cinema alongside Charlie CHAPLIN and Buster KEATON, Jacques TATI is renowned for his uniquely cinematic humor that raised slapstick to the level of high art. In his comic invention of the charmingly awkward surrogate Mr. Hulot – the central character in Mr. Hulot’s Holdiay (1953), My Uncle (1958), PlayTime (1967), and Traffic (1971), TATI expressed a satirical outrage at alienation in the modern industrialized world. The seven-film collection witnesses the uncompromising realization of the illusionist’s imagination – legacies inspired the works of David LYNCH, Wes ANDERSON and many others.


The School for Postmen + Holiday (L’École des facteurs + Jour de fête) │ 2 Nov │ 14 Dec
Mr. Hulot’s Holdiay (Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot) │ 2 Nov │ 7 Dec
My Uncle (Mon Oncle) │ 3 Nov │ 22 Dec
PlayTime │ 3 Nov │ 8 Dec
Traffic (Trafic) │23 Nov │ 7 Dec
Parade │ 24 Nov │ 15 Dec
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Godard, Film, History

Jean-Luc GODARD’s visions on the history of cinema are awe-inspiring. In the new Cine Fan film course “Godard, Film, History”, film scholars and critics will share their insights on how the French New Wave pioneer looks at film history in a series of six lectures, each following screenings of JLG/JLG – Self-Portrait in December (1994), 2 x 50 Years of French Cinema (1995) and Historie(s) of Cinema (1988-98).


JLG/JLG – Self-Portrait in December (JLG/JLG - autoportrait de décembre)│ 22 Nov
2 x 50 Years of French Cinema (Deux fois 50 ans de cinéma français)│ 29 Nov
Historie(s) of Cinema 1A+1B (Histoire(s) du cinema 1A+1B) │6 Dec
Historie(s) of Cinema 2A+2B (Histoire(s) du cinema 2A+2B) │13 Dec
Historie(s) of Cinema 3A+3B (Histoire(s) du cinema 3A+3B) │20 Dec
Historie(s) of Cinema 4A+4B (Histoire(s) du cinema 4A+4B) │27 Dec
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Cine Fan Nov/Dec Trailer:

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