Cine Fan – “Behind the Discreet Charm” - Retrospective of director Claude Chabrol [fr]

The first retrospective of acclaimed French director Chabrol will take place from 7th September to 26th October 2019 throughout Hong Kong. Presented by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, it includes a total of 10 films and a special seminar.

  • Better Reunion (Le Beau Serge), 1958
  • The Cousins (Les Cousins), 1959
  • The Third Lover(L’oeil Du Malin), 1962
  • This Man Must Die (Que La Bete Meure), 1969
  • The Butcher (Le Boucher), 1970
  • The Breach (La Rupture), 1970
  • Just Before Nightfall (Juste Avant La Nuit), 1971
  • Wedding In Blood (Les Noces Rouges), 1973
  • Hell (L’Enfer), 1994
  • A Judgement in Stone (La ceremonie), 1995

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publié le 22/08/2019

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