Ciné-Club at l’Alliance Française in August [fr]

Two films will be screened on Wednesday 17 August at the library of Alliance Française de Hong Kong. The screenings are free and open to all.


At the height of a summer heatwave, in a small, apparently peaceful village, the inhabitants’ daily lives are disturbed by Josef Bousou. The son of scrap merchants and a troublemaker, the villagers decide he is the main reason for all their woes, until the day that he’s found dead in the courtyard of his family’s home.

In French with English subtitles

Open to all - Free Screening
Participants must be over 18


From Wintertime to Autumn, strange things happen in the small kingdom of Escampette. The ‘bloated belly’ disease is spreading, books are mysteriously being emptied of their stories... Leon and his friends try not to fall into traps set by Bonifacio, the treacherous storyteller!

n French with English subtitles
From 5 years old - Open to all - Free Screening

publié le 26/08/2016

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