Ceremony held by the Hong Kong Customs [fr]

On 28 February 2014, the Hong Kong Customs held a ceremony dedicated to the 196 newly trained customs officers.
The ceremony was chaired by the Deputy Commissioner of the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong, Mr. AU YEUNG Ho-Lok, and took place at the national training center of the Hong Kong Customs, in the presence of high Customs command but also families of the officers and the staff of the training center.


For the first time, the customs attachés stationed in Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou, as persons accredited to the Hong Kong Customs, were invited to take part in this ceremony. The Deputy Commissioner explained in his speech his commitment to excellent international cooperation between the Hong Kong Customs and the countries partnering with Hong Kong.

To pay tribute to the ceremony, the French Regional Customs Attaché, Mireille LASSERE and several customs attachés in Beijing wore their uniform to attend the parade, which was highly appreciated by the Hong Kong Customs.


In rhythm with the bagpipes of the Customs and Excise band and the cadenced walk of officers, the parade had a military tone. After the parade, the work of dog handlers and the service weapons were presented.
The rigor in the organisation and the discipline that prevailed during the event did not prevent the pleasant coexistence between the different participants.

The warm welcome of the customs attachés strengthened professional and friendly exchanges established throughout the meetings and joint working groups between representatives of the various departments of the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong and customs attachés of the area.

publié le 21/03/2014

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