CampusArt 2020 - Call for Applications [fr]

CampusArt is a network of French higher education offering university level programs within the field of art and architecture, led by Campus France with the support of the Ministries of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Europe and Foreign Affairs and Culture, and the ANdÉA (Association Nationale des Écoles Supérieures d’Art).


CampusArt Missions

1. To promote French programs in art and architecture to international audiences.
2. To raise the international visibility of French’s higher education schools and universities of art and architecture.
3. To offer students and institutions an application and enrolment tool that is efficient and reliable.

What is CampusArt?

- CampusArt is a way to guide and inform you by offering full information on higher education, fields of study, degrees, institutions, and research, among other topics : art, architecture, fashion, design, 3D, music, and more.
- Using a single electronic file, international students have the opportunity to submit their applications online at several institutions and to be contacted by all 163 CampusArt members schools.
- CampusArt facilitates your admissions process - meaning no need for an entrance examination, or needing to appear in person before a jury.
- CampusArt is finally free until you decide to accept an institution’s pre-enrolment offer on your CampusArt account, so please APPLY NOW!

Deadline for applications:

March 31, 2020

publié le 09/03/2020

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