COP 21 Youth Conference at the French International School of Hong Kong, 24-25 November 2015 [fr]

In order to raise awareness of what is at stake during the historic Paris Climate Conference COP21, students in “CM2”/Year 6 and “Seconde”/Year 12 of the French International School of Hong Kong led a “COP21 Youth Conference” on the 24th and 25th November 2015 at the Chai Wan and Jardine’s Lookout campuses, respectively.

This conference was co-organized by the Scientific Department of the French Consulate of Hong Kong and Macau and the French International School of Hong Kong.

The two days of the COP21 Youth conference began with speeches of representatives of the school and the French consulate. It was the occasion to emphasizes that France is playing a leading international role in hosting the COP21 and that the French International School of Hong Kong is proud to play a part in educating the next generation of global citizens by highlighting the importance of tackling global warming and supporting sustainability.


Through a series of presentations, fun hands-on workshops, and two meaningful exhibitions proposed by the French Ministry for Environment, sustainable development and energy and Universcience, students have been introduced to fundamental skills and actions associated with sustainable development.

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(PDF - 680.2 kb)

The Universcience exhibition

A range of experts have shared their knowledge and passion with the students through 8 presentations and 16 different workshops. “We are excited that our students have the opportunity to understand different aspects of how to look after our planet and become passionate advocates for sustainability” said FIS teacher and environmental champion, François Drémeaux.

Speakers looked at crucial topics such as “How to feed the planet in a healthy and sustainable way?” and “Forests, their role in regulating climate change; how to choose paper safely and use it in a sustainable way.” In addition, students had a chance to hear about the thought process behind “Building for a lower environmental footprint” using the example of the new French International School building at Tseung Kwan O.

Once the students had been introduced to these important ideas, they had the opportunity to explore a variety of issues further through group workshops covering areas such as hydroponics, worm farming, electric cars and micro wind turbines.


At the end of the day, each group of students had to propose an agenda of solutions and their own commitments to fight against climate change to representatives of the school and to the French consulate.

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(PDF - 4.1 Mb)
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(PDF - 2.3 Mb)

The solutions and engagements proposed by the students.

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(PDF - 396.6 kb)
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(PDF - 1.2 Mb)

Programs of the two days.


Please visit the website for this event here

Justin Monier, Scientific Officer in Hong Kong
Julie Metta, Scientific Officer in Hong Kong
Isabelle SAVES, Attaché for Scientific & Academic Affairs

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