Business France: Sweet Bordeaux’s Golden Wines to Pair with Oyster this Autumn [中文]

Sweet Bordeaux is the brand of 10 AOC appellations of unique golden wines from south Bordeaux. Sweet Bordeaux tops the wine-pairing list in the coming season of fresh oysters, that bridges the earth and sea. Continuing to impress the tastebuds of local gourmets, Sweet Bordeaux returns to Hong Kong this autumn at the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival (Booth: A138-139).

  • Sweet Bordeaux – From a unique terroir in the world

Between the Garonne and the Ciron is a terroir that is unique in the world, where the soils are perfectly drained, sun-drenched and exhalted by ancestral skills. During the harvest season in autumn, morning fogs and warm sunny days promote the development (“noble rot”) of a fungus called Botrytis cinerea. Growing on ripe berries, Botrytis allows the water to evaporate from the grape, concentrating the juice and aromas into the nectar. Three types of grapes grow on the 3,000 hectares of land: Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle, making the 10 appellations of Sweet Bordeaux: Sauternes, Barsac, Cérons, Graves Supérieures, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, Côtes de Bordeaux Saint-Macaire, Cadillac, Loupiac, Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, and Bordeaux Supérieur.

  • Nuances of gleaming gold for all occasions and all tastes

From pale yellow through golden highlights to deeper topaz hues, Sweet Bordeaux can even deepen to lovely amber tones with age. On the nose and in the mouth, it also offers an incredibly rich aromatic and tasting palette. Sweetness, rich aromas, oaky notes, mellowness and freshness are keywords in tasting a Sweet Bordeaux liquorous wine. Whether it is aperitif cheese, spicy Chinese noodles or chocolate cake, Sweet Bordeaux wines have the potential to bring gourmets heavenly matches. The golden sweet wines make an especially bold and adventurous pair with seafood. A magnificent lobster, scallops or marinated shrimp can all satisfy the grand taste of gourmets.

  • A taste of land and sea – Sweet Bordeaux Wines and Oysters Pairing


(pic © Lisovskaya Natalia) Pairing Sweet Bordeaux white wines and oysters is as easy as it is fun. The pairing respects either principle of similarity or contrast, enabling reinforcement or opposition of the characters (taste and texture) of each other. For example, in French gastronomy, oyster is the food with high salinity, creamy and briny flavours. Sweet Bordeaux white wines are therefore a good choice to pair with.

Sweet Bordeaux white wines having a vast diversity with various level of sweetness can pair well with oysters from different countries and seas having different tastes and textures.

Creamy oysters pair well with sweet Bordeaux white wines with a nice creamy texture and fine balancing acidity; while leaner sweet Bordeaux white wines with lower sugar level accentuate the taste of crispy oysters. And taste-wise, more saline and salty oysters pair well with sweet Bordeaux wines with a marked mineral edge; and sweet flavour oysters make great pairings with fruitier sweet Bordeaux wine.

Special thanks to Riedel for its support to the Sweet Bordeaux Wines & Oysters tasting on Oct. 24.

  • China and Hong Kong the fastest growing markets for Sweet Bordeaux wines in 2017

30% of Sweet Bordeaux’s annual production (10 million bottoles, 70 000 hectolitres) is exported. In 2017, the biggest growth in export volumes of Sweet Bordeaux wines has been seen in China and Hong Kong, with an increase of 57% and 47% respectively. This is thanks to the brand’s continuous efforts in promoting French non-red wines in the traditional Chinese market. In 2017, tasting events for professionals and the public were organized in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, increasing awareness in the local markets.

  • Wine & Dine

With more than 9500 glassess tasted in 2017, Sweet Bordeaux has long been a favourite brand at the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival which attracted some 140 000 visitors. This year, Sweet Bordeaux returns from 25th to 28th October at Central Harbourfront Event Space. The festival presents world-class food, great wines and lively entertainment right next to the Victoria Harbour skyline. Sweet Bordeaux will be welcoming wine lovers at booth A138-139.

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