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On the occasion of the "APAC Innovation Summit - Smart Cities", Business France Hong Kong - French national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, is bringing Hong Kong a delegation of 7 French companies powered by Bpifrance and HSBC to showcase their expertise in CleanTech to stakeholders from academia, research community, industry, government and investors of the region and beyond: ACREOS, ATI ENVIRONNEMENT, AUBRILAM, DELTA NEU, ETIA, SOCOMEC and STERELA.


Today, France has some of the most creative and sustainable cities, thanks to its diversified and original solutions in transport and mobility, cleantech, waste management, etc. France ranks 15th in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014 (GCII), with remarkable strength in the Cleantech-Specific Innovation Drivers (ranking: 4th) and in the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (ranking: 5th), thanks to the abundant Cleantech funds, a strong public R&D supported by the French government, and the advanced infrastructures for renewable energy.

Bpifrance & HSBC: Commitment in Smart Cities

Bpifrance, the French public investment bank, is a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and the French State. Bpifrance provides companies with credit, collateral and equity financing support from start-up through to stock exchange listing. Bpifrance also provides support services and enhanced support for innovation, external growth and export in partnership with Business France and Coface. Bpifrance offers companies a funding continuum for each key stage of their development together with services adapted to different regional needs. Through its 45 regional offices Bpifrance represents a true financially competitive service for entrepreneurs. Bpifrance acts in support of public policies implemented by the State and the Regional authorities to meet three objectives:

  • Support business growth;
  • Prepare for future competitiveness;
  • Contribute to the development of an ecosystem favorable to entrepreneurship.

Bpifrance is strongly engaged in sustainable development and, as a supporter of innovation and growth, the bank naturally finances the startups and SMEs involved in creating tomorrow’s Smart cities: energy, mobility, water management etc.
In 2015, Bpifrance created the Fund “Ville de Demain” to invest in the most promising companies to accelerate their development.
For more information go to: www.bpifrance.fr - Follow us on Twitter: @bpifrance

HSBC actively supports sustainable financing, a measure of which is its commitment of US$1 billion to a green bond portfolio to fund projects in sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transportation and climate change adaption, as well as SME financing in sectors such as public transport, education and healthcare.

Mr. Alain RENCK, Director of Bpifrance Export of Bpifrance talking about their initiative in sponsoring the project.
Mr. Albert KWOK, Country Manager HK-Taiwan of SOCOMEC
Ms. Caroline LAGIER, Export Manager of AUBRILAM
Mr. Denis CHLOUP, Export Manager of ACREOS
Ms. Mélanie GAUDIN, Director of Business France Hong Kong presenting the Smart City landscape in France, Hong Kong and beyond.
Mr. Régis BARRIAC, Head of International of HSBC France talking about their initiative in sponsoring the project.
Dr. Olivier LEPEZ, President & CEO of ETIA
Mr. Robert BOUSQUET, President of STERELA
Mr. Valery BONNET, Decontamination Department Manager of DELTA-NEU

7 French Experts in Smart Cities
Equipped with favorable economic, social and environmental gear, France has become a hotbed to cultivate Cleantech innovators. During 20-23 September 2016, 7 French experts in smart cities, supported by Bpifrance and HSBC, will attend APAC Innovation Summit - Smart Cities as an exemplary demonstration of French excellence.

ACREOS (www.acreos.com) Based in France, ACREOS is specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative simulators intended to train the driver/machine operator in the sectors of – public works, mining, handling, lifting, and ports. Simulation helps the trainee develop real skills and competencies in a virtual environment, through an accurate reproduction of real life conditions. The only French manufacturer to propose such new solutions, ACREOS is an audacious start-up which is not afraid of anything: innovation, diversification and expansion are its key words! The GSTA software (Management of the trainees) takes care of the recording of the results of the practical exercises and/or the theoretical tests realized on simulators.
ATI ENVIRONNEMENT (www.ati-environnement.com) ATI ENVIRONNEMENT is an engineering and manufacturing company in France for incinerators for industrial waste whose name has become synonymous with “reliability” and “quality”, thanks to its technical and professional assets thus stressing its recognition by local communities, healthcare institutes and industries. Moreover, its 3,000 references in more than 86 countries is a proof of its fame.
AUBRILAM (www.aubrilam.com) AUBRILAM has been specializing in the design and manufacture of wooden lighting columns and street furniture for 35 years. The company based in France since 1978 and in the U.S.A with its industrial partner Structura, provides integrated urban equipment solutions for all types of outdoor spaces, including poles, lighting points, urban furniture, terrace furniture and pedestrian or cars shelter options.
DELTA NEU (www.delta-neu.fr) For several decades, DELTA NEU has been an acknowledged authority in the air systems sector. Its design and manufacture of equipment, either sold for installation by the customer or integrated into "turnkey" delivered installations, can enhance the performance, improve working conditions and protect the environment from dust or harmful vapors.
ETIA (www.etia.fr) Created in 1989, ETIA specializes in innovation, engineering, equipment and processes. ETIA offers expert design, engineering, development and delivery of high added-value equipment and products mainly in the fields of food industry, energy, environment and agrochemicals. Today, ETIA is continuing its growth strategy by expanding its international influence in research, innovation and delivery sustainable solutions for industry.
SOCOMEC (www.socomec.com) Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC is an industrial group with core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks. As undisputed specialists in UPS systems, mains supply changeover, power conversion and measurement, Socomec dedicates nearly 10% of its turnover to R&D. As a result the Group can achieve its ambition of always being one technological step ahead.
STERELA (www.sterela.fr) For over 33 years, STERELA has developed solutions and innovative products in the fields of electronics, aerospace test tools, "Smart City", weigh in motion, smart parking management, analysis of road traffic, live-fire military training targets, terrestrial and marine automatic weather stations for meteorological observation networks, and robotics.

About Business France
Business France (www.businessfrance.fr) is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France.
It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program.
Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between Ubifrance and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners.

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