Business France: France’s latest reforms and development in AI “Choose France” Seminar led by mathetician Cedric Villani [中文]

When ambition meets talents, advancement is meant to occur. Hosted by French Mathematician and Fields Medalist, Cedric Villani, “Choose France” Seminar was held at Chinese General Chamber of Commerce on Friday November 23rd, 2018, revealing international investment opportunities and outlook in artificial intelligence (AI) development in France.

JPEG Mr. Johnny Chan, Chairman of External Affairs Committee of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Alexandre Giorgini, Consul General of France in Hong Kong and Macau both shared Hong Kong & French government’s commitment in promoting innovation and technology together in the welcoming remarks, followed by testimonies from Chekk, a Hong-Kong company in digital identity set up in France, and Tinno, a Chinese company acquiring a French company and expanding in France, and Natixis, a French bank with a strong presence in Asia”.

JPEG As the 7th largest economy in the world, France has been pushing reforms aiming at improving the business environment in many areas and turning France into a “start-up nation”. In addition to this, in March 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron presented his vision and strategy to make France a leader in AI, because France has all the right talents and resources.

As the world’s largest startup incubator, Station F in Paris accommodates over 1,000 start-ups and 3,000+ work stations. 1 million engineers (largest in Europe with Germany) 75,000 PhDs (41% non-French), and 38,000 graduate engineers every year are here to offer their creativity. Thanks to its stable and favourable legal and tax environment, France has become the 2nd most attractive European country for international investment with lower cost of doing business than the US, Japan, Germany or the UK.

JPEG "You’ve a lot of ambition for your business, I’ve a lot of ambition for my country. Let’s see how we can make more for both: have better innovation and do more business." (MACRON, May 23RD 2018, Tech for Good Summit) Ambition comes to fruition when it is met with talent, which is why France’s AI plan is led by French mathematician and Fields Medalist, Mr. Cedric Villani.

Previously, Cedric Villani hosted the AI forum held by French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron in China this year. Also as a member of Parliament, Mr. Villani published a report of 7 strategic propositions to boost the French AI sector. In fact, a dedicated platform « France is AI » has been created to federate AI start-ups and for creating a vibrant AI scene in France. There have been multiple public and private initiatives to bring together corporations, start-ups, investors, researchers and public administrative around the development of AI in France. Apparently, a further series of development of French AI sector is set to unfold in the upcoming years.

Earlier this year on 22nd January, Landmark Summit “Choose France” was held at the Versailles Palace with 140 CEO of the world largest corporations, representing 29 countries and all continents, together with the French government, executive public servants from all national administrations.

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