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From November 25 to December 6, 2019, French Trade Commission - Business France will support 12 French companies specialized in digital and energy transition, handpicked by a jury of Franco-Chinese experts. During these two weeks, they will get acquainted with the essential ecosystems of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing.


The French Tech Tour China is an immersion program for French digital and energy transition companies. The French economy relies on an innovative ecosystem of leading companies and more than 10,000 startups, which are reliable and competitive partners for Chinese players. Since 2012, in collaboration with Bpifrance, the French public investment bank, the French Tech Tour accompanies every year the most promising start-ups and SMEs in their development at the Chinese market. This immersion program facilitates bilateral exchanges and accelerates innovation, commercial collaboration and startup financing. The program’s laureates bring technological solutions to the issues that China places today at the heart of its economic policies.
"The French Tech Tour China was a great experience to discover and validate the potential of the Chinese market. We were able to identify potential customers and partners, as well as understanding the improvement required for expansion in China. We have been able to understand the ins and outs of the operation of marketing in China and the implications in terms of product and business model that implies, "said a former winner. Among 67 members of the French Tech Tour China alumni community, one-third are based in China and half maintain regular business tie with their Chinese partners.
This year, 12 innovative and highly potential companies have been selected by a panel of experts to participate in the program. They are positioned in various sectors: AR / VR, aeronautics, banking, mobility, energy storage, semiconductors, telecommunications, marking and traceability. Representatives of the winning companies took part in the preparatory bootcamp at the beginning of October in Paris. This was the first highlight of the program, during which companies were sensitized by experts in interculturality, the protection of industrial property, commercial practices, communication tools specific to the Chinese market, but also its environment regulatory.
With these achievements, they now go to China to meet their future partners at the Chinese market (agents, distributors, customers, investors ...). For this, there are 5 networking events and at least 200 individual meetings waiting for them!

The 12 selected startups for FTT China 2019
The Eclipse Group (Eclipse and EAD Aerospace) has been designing, manufacturing and distributing aeronautical connectivity solutions since 1996.
As part of an approach of excellence, expertise and experience, Eclipse’s services make it possible to offer civil, military and government air operators a "complete" or "à la carte" SATCOM (satellite communication) solution. specially designed and designed to meet their needs. They encompass different services such as the supply of equipment and their associated certifications, embedded software, 24/7 support ...
Based in Paris (France), Eclipse also has offices in the south of France through its subsidiary EAD Aerospace. &
EQUIUM is developing an ecological solution for positive or negative cold production, an alternative to compression machines responsible for 15% of greenhouse gases in the world.
EQOOLER, our first 100KW cold 5 ° C product that has been specifically sized for off-grid applications (off-grid, marine, solar cooling generators) uses the energy of sound to convert the deadly heat, and without a room mobile therefore without maintenance, without greenhouse gas, without OPEX and with weak CAPEX.
ERGOSUP develops hydrogen production and storage equipment based on its unique and patented technology of electrolysis of water directly under high pressure. This integrated, competitive and secure solution meets the growing needs for hydrogen, for "clean mobility" applications, and also for industrial and laboratory uses. The specific positioning of ERGOSUP is to offer decentralized equipment close to users with a capacity adapted to the need.
After a € 2.7 million round in 2015, the French start-up raised € 11 million this year from Bpifrance, AP Ventures, Kouros and Normandie Participations and its long-standing shareholders Air Liquide VC, Demeter Ventures, GO Capital and Arkéa Capital. Its objective: industrialize small series, develop its marketing and strengthen its teams.
Established in France, with 30 employees, ERGOSUP was awarded the prize for the Global Innovation Competition in 2017, then an Innovation Award at CES and the Solar Impulse label in 2019.
EyeLights brings Augmented Reality into your car by projecting your favorite navigation apps right on your windshield. Our head-up technology is the smallest and brightest in the consumer market. The product is compatible with all cars and motorcycle helmets.
IndexA = Index + A (Index + Alpha)
IndiceA is a FinTech based in Sophia Antipolis in France, specializing in quantitative investment strategies applying mathematics, automation and signal processing.
We develop predictive modeling algorithms for global indices and design automated trading systems for future indices to generate absolute returns and pure alpha.
Kalray is the pioneer of processors for new intelligent systems. As a technological breakthrough, "smart" processors can analyze a vast amount of information on the fly, make decisions and interact in real time with the outside world. These intelligent processors will be widely deployed in fast-growing sectors: next-generation networks (intelligent data centers), autonomous vehicles, health equipment, drones, robots. The Kalray offer includes processors as well as complete solutions (electronic cards and software). Established in 2008 as a spin-off of the CEA, Kalray serves customers such as server manufacturers, smart system integrators and consumer product manufacturers including car manufacturers.
Nahimic is the leader in the field of PC Audio Gaming, already improving millions of PCs and headsets of brands like Dell, Alienware, MSI, Asus ...All the devices we have, from smartphones to pc, all have incredible picture quality, but one thing has been forgotten ... the sound.
Nahimic is a purely software-based solution that enhances the audio experience regardless of the content and on any output device.
Nahimic brings a clearer sound, improved intelligibility of dialogues in movies, and better sound immersion thanks to its military-grade 3D technologies.
Nahimic is looking to expand its market and also to deploy on non-gaming devices and smartphones.
The next generation of Li-ion batteries will have a very high energy storage capacity. A broad consensus exists among the industry on the best potential of silicon to increase this energy density.
The French company NANOMAKERS designs, produces and sells in industrial quantities patented nanopowders based on silicon for the disruptive strengthening of industrial materials, in particular the anodes of Li-ion batteries for which our customers consider our nano silicon the most efficient.
NANOMAKERS works with most cell / battery leaders in the world (in the final phase of qualification for the most advanced) except the Chinese and we would like to expand our battery business with current and future leaders present in China.
Seamless Waves is a company specializing in the design and realization of electronic chips for wireless communications.
Seamless Waves Frequency Radio transceivers are agile, reconfigurable and meet the key technology requirements of 5G networks: they cover a wide frequency range of several GHz, they are suitable for MIMO beamforming techniques and can accommodate a variety of communication standards.
Seamless Waves chips will be essential for 5G (New Radio) base stations and Internet of Things (IoT) controllers. Thanks to their very low power consumption, these chips are also suitable for smartphones and portable devices.
ServiceTag, solution provider and technical expert.
Faced with new uses, the barcode present on every consumer product, created in 1973, must today evolve. At the origin of this new standard, serviceTag offers manufacturers the ability to individually label each product.
Consumers will be able to access a wider variety of product information by scanning the QR Code with their smartphone, such as instructions for use, expiry dates, nutritional data, or product warranty. In addition, this new GS1 standard improves traceability solutions by enabling the coding and identification of each batch, in case of withdrawal or recall of products.
Speedernet specializes in the development of innovative solutions in training for key accounts.
Speedernet-Sphere is an innovative 360 ° / VR solution offering a simple and accessible approach for everyone, allowing everyone to easily create 360 ° / VR experiences and view their creations directly on a web browser on all media (VR headsets, smartphones , tablets, pc). Speedernet-Sphere, an advanced scripting tool, has been specifically designed for professionals who need to create 360 ° / VR interactive experiences. Its visual and intuitive interface makes it possible to create in drag-and-drop mode without needing to use code. As a SOLIDWORKS partner, Speedernet-Sphere natively integrates the 3D formats (glTF) of the new XR Exporter SOLIDWORKS.
This is a major innovation in 3D and the CAD managed in VR.
Ueole is a French company specialized in wind turbines in urban environment and in the wind cadastres in the city. Our wind turbine is eco-designed, quiet and easy to install on the roofs of buildings. It is designed and produced locally in the Hauts-de-France region.
Our studies allow us to identify those areas that are best exposed to the wind within a defined area. They reveal the places where the installation of a wind turbine and where the establishment of a wind / photovoltaic mix is relevant.
Our offer provides a complete answer to the problem of energy transition of cities, who now know what type of renewable energy to install and where, in order to become a smart city.

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