“Bridging Biomedical Worlds 2016", the IPSEN Foundation in Hong Kong, 23-25 May, 2016

The Consul general of France in Hong Kong and Macau was very pleased to welcome distinguished members of the Fondation IPSEN, among them the foundation’s president, Dr. Yves Christen, but also distinguished professors of partner universities at the residence of France in Hong Kong, on the 23rd of May 2016.

The IPSEN Fondation is one of the foundations under the auspices of Fondation de France, which promotes and strengthens the foundation sector to help it expand, become more professional and make its projects more international.
Established in 1983 by the laboratory IPSEN, a French pharmaceutical group with international influence, the Fondation IPSEN has contributed to major advances in biological and medical research and pursues its mission in two ways: encouraging and supporting the evolution of knowledge by promoting excellence and innovation, and promoting the sharing and dissemination of emerging knowledge within the scientific community. It awards prizes and awards for excellence in research, and contributes to the dissemination of knowledge through numerous seminars, conferences and publications, always encouraging exchanges between disciplines and cross-cutting approaches.

From May 23 to May 25, 2016, members of the Fondation IPSEN were present in Hong Kong to achieve the goals of the foundation since they actively participate to the “Bridging Biomedical Worlds 2016, Frontiers in Human Microbiota Symbiotic Interactions” in a conference held at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). This Conference Series, firstly launched in 2014 by Fondation IPSEN and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), aims at boosting international collaborations among researchers from East and West and promoting advances in biomedical research, fostering translational research by catalyzing new synergies. It consists in an annual international conference, to be held in different countries in Asia, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about important advances in key research areas. The Bridging Biomedical Worlds 2016 in Hong Kong was the third symposium of the meeting serie, after Beijing 2014 ("Turning obstacles into Opportunities for Stem Cell Therapy") and Tokyo 2015 ("From Neural Circuitry to Neurotechnology").

Mr. Eric Berti, Consul General of France, and guests
Mr. Eric Berti, Consul General of France, giving a welcome speech
Guests during the reception at the French Residence
Mr. Eric Berti, Consul General of France, and Dr. Yves Christen, President of the IPSEN Foundation

publié le 19/12/2016

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