"Belle and Sébastien”, the film adaptation in theatres February 6 [fr]

Adaptation of the French saga of the late 60’s, "Belle et Sébastien" tells the unexpected friendship between Sébastien, a child, and Belle, a wild dog, in a quiet village of the Alps during World War II. The film is directed by Nicolas Vanier, author of "Wolf" in 2008 and "The Last Trapper" in 2004. With the young Felix Bossuet, Tcheky Karyo ("Nikita", "Dobermann", "A Gang Story"), Margaux Chatelier ("Paris-Manhattan") and Dimitri Storoge ("Nuit # 1", "A Gang Story").


Synopsis :
It happens up there, in the Alps. It happens up where the snow is immaculate, where chamois chase after marmots, where the summits brush the clouds. It happens in a little village that was peaceful until the Germans showed up. It’s the encounter between a lonely child and a wild dog. It’s the story of Sebastian who tames Belle. It’s the adventure of an unshakeable friendship. It’s the extraordinary story of a resourceful and touching child caught up in the Second World War. It’s the odyssey of a little boy looking for his mother, an old man looking for his past, a resister looking for love, a young woman looking for adventure, a German lieutenant looking for forgiveness. It’s the life of Belle & Sébastien...

In theatres February 6 @AMC Theatre and Broadway Circuit.

publié le 29/01/2014

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