Exhibition: Daphné Mandel "Behind Hong Kong Facades" (31/10-4/1)

Behind Hong Kong Facades
by Daphné Mandel

- Dates: 31 October 2014 – 4 January 2015. Open to the public.
- Venue: Man Mo Café
40 Upper Lascar Row (Cat Street / off Hollywood Road)
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
- Open Tuesday to Saturday noon - midnight
& Sunday 11 am – 6 pm
Closed Monday

‘Behind Hong Kong Facades’, is a continuation of French contemporary artist Daphné Mandel’s previous body of works ’Hong Kong Facades’. While ‘Hong Kong Facades’ provided glimpses through windows and between curtains, Daphné’s new works in ‘Behind Hong Kong Facades’ extends the idea of exploring old Hong Kong’s architecture, and introduces imaginary architectural structures and new representational techniques. Parts of the façades are ‘removed’ and the buildings partially reveal their interiors: the artist slices through the concrete masses and exposes unexpected and whimsical interiors to broad day light.

The use of 3D modeling software and other digital tools permits the artist to give a sense of ultrarealism contrasting with the more artisanal modes of expression such as painting and crayon.

About the artist:

Daphné Mandel co-founded the Paris based landscape architecture and urban planning firm Gilot & Mandel Paysage. She and her partner were named "Best Young Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Professionals" in France (2006) for their work. The artist has found inspiration in her move to Hong Kong in 2008 to explore extended means of creative and artistic expression.

JPEGLumber House – 2014. Mixed media on canvas. 149 x 106 cm

JPEGDoll House – 2014. Mixed media on canvas. 135 x 69 cm

JPEGTop Floor Highrise – 2014. Mixed media on canvas. 34 x 59 cm

publié le 07/11/2014

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