Audiovisual Co-operation

Your contact at the Consulate General is Mathilde NICOLAS.

Audiovisual co-operation aims at bringing cultural diversity to the Hong Kong community through the promotion of French films, TV & radio programmes, animation and video games, etc.

As well as helping the Hong Kong media and entertainment industry professionals (artists, distributors, festivals, TV channels, radio stations, the media, scholars) to develop broadcasting co-productions and cultural exchanges with the French entertainment industry.

Theatrical releases of French films in Hong Kong

In 2010 French cinema generated almost HKD 12 million, accounting for a market share of roughly 1% [NB: top 3 countries, USA, HK and Japan controlling 83,5 % of the market], an increase compared with 2009 box office results.
The French films presented in 2010 were:

- Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky
- Séraphine
- Un Prophète
- Micmacs à tire-larigot
- The Ghost Writer
- I Love You Phillip Morris
- Le Refuge
- From Paris With Love
- Chloé
- Le Petit Nicolas
- Splice
- Le Concert
- Coursier
- Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec
- L’Arnacoeur

Highest tickets sales went to “ I Love You Philip Morris” by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (2 046 434 HK$ - 192 365). It was followed by “The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc Sec” by Luc Besson Paris I love you with 1 804 266 HK$ - 169 601euros of income and “The Ghost Writer” by Roman Polanski (1 595 389HK$ soit 26 590euros).

Artists of the year 2011:
Director Jacques Audiard joined the French May Festival in March 2011 for the “Noir” programme that enchanted the audiences of Hong Kong.

We are expecting several releases in the coming months (2012): The Artist by Michel hazanavicius, with 5 golden Globes nominations, and in the lice for the French Césars this is one to follow up, and of course there is much more in store…

French films in Hong Kong festivals

Every year, numerous local festivals include French films in their selection. The following are the most important festivals :

- The Hong Kong International Film Festival (early April)
- Le French May
- The Children’s Carnival (early August)
- The InDPanda International Short Film Festival (mid-August)
- The Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (early November)
- The Jewish Film Festival (late November)
- The French Cinepanorama presented by Alliance Française (early December).

In addition to these annual events, retrospectives are presented by the Hong Kong Film Archive (the 2007 retrospective honours Spanish director Luis Bunuel), French films are also screened in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and in several universities.

We work in close collaboration with all of the above mentioned partners to ensure a wide exposure for French films.

Look out for the next festival to find more !

If you are interested in a French film for your festival, feel free to contact us.

French media in Hong Kong

JPEG TV5 Monde Asie on Now-TV

TV5 Monde Asie, the 24-hour French channel, is available exclusively on Now Broadband-TV by PCCW on channel 714 since Aug 1st, 2006. A-la-carte subscription to the channel will cost you only 55 HKD/month (based on a 12-month term plan), but more attractive packages are regularly offered by Now-TV (fees subject to change without prior notice from Now-TV). Full details and channel schedule are available on TV5 website or on Now-TV’s website.

JPEG EuroNews on Now-TV

EuroNews, Europe’s leading news channel covering world news from a European perspective, is available on Now Broadband-TV by PCCW on channel 326. Subscription to the channel costs only 12 HKD/month (based on a 12-month term plan and subject to change without prior notice from Now-TV). Full details and channel schedule is available on Euronews website or on Now-TV’s website.

JPEG Eurosport broadcast in Hong Kong since March 22nd, 2007!

Eurosport and EurosportNews are available on Now Broadband-TV by PCCW since March 22nd on channels 795 and 796. Subscription to both channels is possible via the Mega Sports Pack for HKD 218 per month along 3 other channels, or a-la-carte for 20 HKD/channel/month (prices based on a 12-month term plan and subject to change without prior notice from Now-TV). Full details and channel schedule is available on Eurosport website or on Now-TV’s website.

JPEG Radio France Internationale (RFI)

Radio France Internationale (RFI) broadcasts around the world in 20 languages, including French, English and Mandarin (3 hours a day). RFI offers its 45 million listeners high-quality programmes about international and French news, well-known for their liberty of tone and independent editorial choices.

RFI airs in Hong Kong on RTHK’s Putonghua channel, and all programmes are available 24 hours a day on rfi website and via satellite.


For more information you may contact our Audiovisual Officer - Ms. Mathilde NICOLAS.

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