Association démocratique des Français de l’étranger (ADFE) [fr]

Français du Monde - Association Démocratique des Français à l’Etranger : FDM - ADFE

Created in 1980, to respond to the more and more pressing request of numerous French people living outside France was created. FDM-ADFE does not appear through a political party but works, discusses, proposes, acts, and lives in a sphere of influence "one and multiple".

Throughout these last 27 years, FDM-ADFE has been gathering French people in the world sharing the same ideals of solidarity & social justice, committed to the environmental protection & the sustainable development.

Aspiring a better understanding between the peoples and the cultures all over the world FDM-ADFE endorses pluralism, transparency and democracy.

Now, FDM-ADFE is present in 100 countries, including the "Fragrant port of China" whose doors are cordially opened to you.

FDM-ADFE is also an ex-officio member (as state-approved association) in committees organized by the Consulate General: the scholarship Commission, CCPAS, the employment Commission, the security Commission etc.

publié le 28/09/2017

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