Art & Math: a love story, the return of the "Science Rendez-Vous" by Felipe Cucker [fr]

Kids are going back to school and their parents followed their track by attending the new series of “Science Rendez-vous” proposed by the French consulate and the Kee Club. For this return edition, Prof. Felipe Cucker has explored the inspiring relation between art and math.

PNGFor its 15th anniversary, the Kee Club has kindly offered its support to the consulate and the results turns out to be very positive so far. More than 30 people have attended the first edition hold on the 6th of September 2016. – While Felipe Cucker - Chair Professor of Mathematics at City University of Hong Kong – revealed to the audience of 30 people - the love story between art and math.

Prof. Felipe Cucker is a Chair Professor of Mathematics at the City University of Hong Kong. His main research subject encompasses various aspects, from the foundations of computational mathematics to the utilization of mathematics in art. He has been Director – and he is still a member of the Board - of the Society for the Foundations of Computational Mathematics since its creation. He is also chief editor for the journal Foundations of Computational Mathematics.

Prof. Felipe Cucker is a French Alumni from Université de Rennes where he got a PhD in Mathematics in 1986. In 2006, he created a Joint PhD program between the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and ENS Lyon (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon), which is the first joint PhD at CityU.

Art and mathematics interact more often than we think. As Prof. Felipe Cucker showed us, many of the artworks painted since the Renaissance (15th century) do contain a lot of mathematical concepts stem from the postulates of Euclidian geometry. Representation of parallel lines became perspective. Nowadays, complex algorithms are used to create art from fractal patterns for instance. The speaker has also explored the history of mathematics based on the specific case of the prestigious French engineering school École Polytechnique and two of its engineers, Gaspard Monge and Jean-Victor Poncelet, who accomplished major studies in the field of descriptive geometry. The latest revisited Monge’s ideas to develop a new system for the projection of objects onto a plan while he was a prisoner during Napoleon’s retreat from Russia in 1812.

After Prof. Felipe Cucker’s brilliant talk, the audience was pretty reactive - a host of questions arised and the conversation lasted nicely until all glasses were empty.
This was the first greetings of the new series of “Science Rendez-Vous”.

Don’t forget to save your date for the next “Science Rendez-Vous”:
- October 04, 2016: Prof. Claude-Michel Brauner - Hidden Mathematics in Daily life
- November 01, 2016: Prof. Pascal Fung - Human and robotic
- November 29, 2016: Prof. Quentin Parker - Space Odyssey

More about the new series of “Science Rendez-Vous” HERE.

An invitation will be emailed to you about 10 days before each “Science Rendez-Vous” so you can register. The number of tickets for each session will be limited to 60.

Where: Kee Club
When: Monthly – on Tuesday 7-8pm
Fee: Free of charge – Mandatory Registration
Address: 6/F, 32 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong

About "Science Rendez-vous":
Dedicated to a large audience, these monthly talks - aim at taking part in the dissemination of scientific culture in Hong Kong. Through informal talks and exchanges with the audience, renowned experts from France or Hong Kong will popularize a large variety of scientific topics.

The « Science Rendez-Vous » will stay close from topical issues and will keep an eye on ground-breaking discoveries made by French or local teams as well as teams working in cooperation between the two countries.

The talks will be given in English in the following format: 40 minutes speech followed by a Q&A session fostering interaction between the speaker and the audience.

publié le 19/12/2016

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