Annual call for new group leaders at Institut Pasteur (deadline: 28 Nov) [fr]


The Institut Pasteur has launched an international call for candidates wishing to establish new independent research groups in the cutting edge interdisciplinary environment of its campus in Paris, France.


The Institut Pasteur is a non-profit private foundation dedicated to fundamental, interdisciplinary research and to the translation of the knowledge to medicine and public health. Topics of interest include microbiology (bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi) and infectious diseases, immunology, developmental biology and stem cells, neuroscience, genomics, genetics and cancer.

The Institut Pasteur is now initiating a new recruitment campaign, with attractive packages for junior and mid-career scientists. Senior investigator candidates are also welcome to apply.

Successful junior candidates[1] will be appointed with a permanent position, and as head of a group of 6 people. These groups will be created for a period of 5 years and may thereafter compete for a full research group.

Successful mid-career and senior candidates will be appointed with a permanent position, and as head of a research group of 8 to 15 people. The groups will be created for 10 years (mid-term evaluation at 5 years) with the possibility of renewal.

Highly attractive packages to match the experience of the candidate will be provided, including institutional salaries (Principal investigator, permanent scientists, technician, secretary, post-doctoral fellows), a substantial contribution to running costs and equipment, access to on campus state-of-the-art technology core facilities, as well as support for relocation expenses and administrative issues.

We request a Letter of Intent (LOI) in advance of submitting a full grant application. The template can be downloaded from the Institut Pasteur website:

A pdf copy of the LOI should be electronically submitted to no later than Friday, November 28, 2014 by 5:00 pm (Central European Time).

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by e-mail by mid-January 2015.

A complete application will be requested and due for submission by the end of February 2015. Applicants will be invited for interview to take place in mid-April 2015. The final ranking will be established by the Pasteur Scientific Council during its June 2015 session.


Practical aspects:
Scientific aspects:

[1] Institut Pasteur is an equal opportunity employer. Junior group leaders should be less than 8 years after PhD at the time of their LOI submission. Women are eligible up to 11 years after their PhD if they have one child, and up to 14 years after their PhD if they have two or more children.

publié le 17/10/2014

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