Anifest 2014 : "Minuscule" 3D animated film one screening on 17/08 [fr]

In the framework of the Anifest 2014, Movie Movie presents the French 3D animated film Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud. One aditionnal screening on Sunday, August 17, 1:30pm at Palace IFC.
In a peaceful forest, a picnic sparks off a merciless war between two rival ant gangs both after the same loot: a box of sugar! In this tempest, a young ladybird becomes friends with a black ant and helps her save her people from the dastardly red ants...

Also part of the selection, discover the animated documentary by Michel Gondry (Mood Indigo, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) about Noam Chomsky, Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?: through a series of interviews, Michel Gondry illustrates literally and figuratively Noam Chomsky’s theories, along with personal moments revealed by Chomsky. In this animated feature, Gondry’s imagination and creativity are put to use to depict Chomsky’s intellectual rigor..

And Ari Folman’s last film, The Congress : Robin Wright receives an offer from Miramount to be scanned. In this way, her alias can be freely exploited in all films the Hollywood major decides to produce, even the most downmarket ones, the ones she has turned down until now. For 20 years she disappears to return as guest of honor at the Miramount-Nagasaki Convention in a transformed world of fantastical appearances.

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publié le 11/08/2014

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