ANR / RGC Joint Research Scheme Call 2017 [fr]

he French National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, ANR) and the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme (JRS) aims to strengthen the collaboration between French and Hong Kong research communities in areas of mutual interest to be jointly identified in order to achieve world-class scientific and technical results, leading towards new knowledge. Both basic and applied research proposals of high academic merits in all areas will be invited under the Scheme.



Hong Kong applicants should meet fully the requirements for applying the RGC General Research Fund (GRF) (Please refer to paragraph 8(a) in Part II of Explanatory Notes for GRF Application Form "GRF2" which is uploaded on the RGC website ).

A Principal Investigator of an on-going ANR/RGC JRS project is not allowed to submit a new application in the capacity of Principal Investigator unless both collaborative partners have submitted their completion reports of the last approved project to the RGC and the ANR before the application deadline. Nevertheless, he/she could participate in a new ANR/RGC JRS funding proposal in the capacity of Co-Investigator.

French applicants should check with the ANR for their eligibility requirements.

Only applications that fully meet the requirements of both the RGC and the ANR would be accepted.


The Scheme aims to support research projects with duration of three or four years. Other durations will not be accepted. The indicative average funding for French applicants is from €200,000 to €300,000 per project whereas the funding limit for Hong Kong applicants is HK$3 million per project (exclusive of on-costs). On-costs will be granted to the related Hong Kong institutions of funded projects on top of the awarded sum.

The RGC funding will provide support for :

  1. the salary of research support staff hired by the Hong Kong researchers;
  1. funding for employment of relief teachers;
  1. equipment and high-performance computing services in Hong Kong;
  1. research-related software license / dataset;
  1. general expenses, including consumables that are directly related to the research work;
  1. passage and subsistence costs for Hong Kong researchers and research postgraduate students to visit collaborators in France and to attend international conference;
  1. passage and subsistence costs for the Hong Kong Principal Investigator to attend one project review workshop in France for presentation of mid-term and/or final reports; and
  1. output dissemination costs.

The Hong Kong and the French partners of the supported projects will receive funding from the RGC and the ANR separately. The RGC funds are solely for use in Hong Kong and in supporting the passage and subsistence costs of Hong Kong researchers and research postgraduate students.

How to apply

An one-stage application process is adopted in the 2017 exercise. There is an institutional quota of 5 submissions for each UGC-funded institution.

Prior to the submission of joint proposal, the French applicants should complete, on behalf of the joint project team, the pre-registration on the ANR on-line system. The deadline for pre-registration is Thursday 27 October 2016 13:00 (Paris local time). Only applicants who have completed the pre-registration via the ANR on-line system can submit applications before Monday 3 April 2017 13:00.

Following the pre-registration by the French applicants, parallel submission of applications by the Hong Kong and French applicants are required. The Hong Kong and French applicants should prepare a joint proposal following ANR’s format in English which should be submitted to the RGC and ANR in parallel. In addition, the Hong Kong applicants are required to submit an Application Supplement to the RGC.

French applicants should submit the joint proposals via the on-line system of the ANR in early April 2017. Detailed information on application procedures of the ANR is available at the ANR website

The ANR will issue separate announcement regarding the opening and closing dates for proposal submission via their on-line system after the completion of the pre-registration.

Hong Kong applicants should submit, in addition to the joint proposal, an Application Supplement to the RGC. The Application Supplement should be prepared in accordance with the "ANR/RGC Joint Research Scheme Application Supplement (For Hong Kong applicants)", ANR/RGC 1, which will be provided to the institutions around end of September 2016. The RGC will not accept proposals without the Application Supplement.

While applications must be submitted before the deadlines as outlined above, Hong Kong applicants should check with their institutions for internal closing date, if any. Late submissions will not be processed.

More information here.

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