A beautiful show concluded a busy year at the Lou Pichoun Primary School [fr]

What a joy it was to gather all the students of Lou Pichoun and their families for the end of year show. The pupils had ardently practiced their respective skits to surprise their parents. And what a success it was! The audience was amazed in front of such performances and made a point of showing their enthusiasm throughout the show.


All performances revolved around this year’s theme "Africa". Thus, the "Pichouns" paddled canoes and played the djembes that they had themselves created in class!


The show was separated in three parts corresponding to the three languages taught at Lou Pichoun: French, English and Mandarin and so the students demonstrated their polyglot abilities. The parents were extremely proud and the teachers ecstatic to see their efforts rewarded by such brilliant performances.


The whole team would like to wish all of its students a wonderful summer holiday and is looking forward to welcoming them this September for yet another year of surprises and wonder.
In the mean time, children from the age of 2 to 6 will be able to enjoy a number of activities organised for Summer School such as games, music and art workshops at Lou Pichoun Primary School.


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publié le 29/06/2015

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