"A Typhoon is Coming" - discover the debut film of the HK Theatre Association [fr]

The shooting of the first film of the HK Theatre Association has just ended! Titled A Typhoon is Coming the film, written and directed by Émilie Guillot, is inspired by the life of French expatriates in Hong Kong.


Right as Coco feels she is in control of Charles and Isabeau’s wedding preparations, everything gets out of hand: typhoon 10 hitting Hong Kong, last minute change of venue, the wedding cake forgotten, and the bride still missing! Rumors are starting to spread at the reception, suspicions are mounting. Where is the bride?
This is a story of quite interesting French expatriates in HK, going from mad party nights, unique friendships and stimulating encounters. This is a dramatic comedy that’ll undoubtedly surprise you right up to its conclusion.

While waiting to discover the film, support the project through the crossfunding plateform IndieGogo.

HK Theatre Association Limited
HKTA conducts an array of instructional training workshops in a wide variety of modern creative genres including: acting, dancing, vocal training and writing. Courses will be conducted in a variety of languages including English, and French to all, Adults, Teenagers and Kids.

The Association helps actors to gain control over their work, teaching them to rely on their own instincts, imagination and choices. Our scene study and improv classes produce confident actors who bring an original voice to every production.In fact, the most distinctive thing about one of our members is how different each one is. We train actors to speak in their own artistic voice—producing characters that are rich and layered. They become the artist they always wanted to be. Theater, television and film are all collaborative mediums, so an actor must work well with other actors, directors, casting directors and many more. Our technique trains them to do just that! That’s why we love to work with HKTA actors-students!


More information: www.hkta.org.hk.

publié le 22/05/2015

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