A French researcher shares his passion for "ants" in Café Scientifique Hong Kong (01/02/2015) [fr]

To launch the 2016 edition of the Café Scientifique Hong Kong – the café is now more than two years old - the Café Scientifique Hong Kong team chose to use the talents of Prof. Benoit Guénard, from Insect Biodiversity and Biogeography Laboratory of the «University of Hong Kong» (HKU).


At the first event of the year 2016 – which took place on February 1, 2016 - over 60 people gathered at the Cafe 8 of Hong Kong Maritime Museum (Central) to share with Prof. Benoit Guénard on the various facets of the extraordinary but unrecognized life of ants.

Prof. Guénard presented lots of knowledge he has amassed along its entomological research career on these insects as well as the complex and highly organized operation of their colonies.
Prof. Guénard has always studied ants or almost. In fact, after a doctorate on ants at the « North Carolina State University » and a postdoc in entomology in the laboratory of Biodiversity and Biocomplexity of « Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University », he was the main creator of the famous interactive map of the global distribution of ants which was launched in Hong Kong in August 2015.


To meet the fundamental issues of the diversity of life, Prof. Guénard chose to study organisms that are from his point of view the most fascinating and ecologically important in the world: ants!


During the event Prof. Guénard presented the various aspects of his research on the diversity of ants, the ecosystem of communities, biological invasions, their behavioral traits and their eating habits.


His presentation, which captivated the entire room, received a great success. It was followed by an exciting exchange of more than an hour and a half with the public eager to learn more about the society of ants.

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