8/06 : screening "Jo" starring Jean Reno [Serie Serie - Le French May] [fr]

In the framework of the "Serie Serie" programme presented by Le French May, and dedicated to French TV shows, discover on Monday, June 8th at Azure Restaurant slash Bar the first three episodes of TV drama Jo with Jean Reno in the leading role.


Synopsis episode 1 : Notre-Dame
A body is found beaten and strangled under the “Last Judgment” portal of Notre Dame. The victim is Johan Van den Bergh, a Dutch organist and music teacher of some repute. His presence in Paris being a mystery, Jo LeGrand speaks to other organists who might’ve known Van den Bergh. He learns that the victim had given concerts in Paris and was a notorious skirt-chaser. Jo also learns that Van den Bergh had a nickname, the Cardinal, for his self important and self-righteous demeanor.
As Jo investigates why the body might’ve been dumped at Notre-Dame, he comes across the story of a priest from the eighteenth century, Father Antoine Estienne, who was executed at Notre Dame for brutally killing his illegitimate child, never admitting his guilt. Both men tortured, both men denied salvation…The obvious question for Jo, did Van den Bergh have a child, a child he killed?


Synopsis episode 2 : Pigalle
During a Fashion Week show, a glamorous former black model, 38, is thrown to her death from the Eiffel tower.
At first, her lover’s estranged wife is suspected, but then LeGrand finds a trail leading to Jasmine, a 22-year-old black stripper in Pigalle. The girl is in fact the dead model’s illegitimate daughter she had at 16 and gave up for adoption.
LeGrand picks up that Jasmine is suffering from an eventually-fatal bone marrow disease. She had tracked her biological mother as her only known blood relative for a donation. But the model refused, she had too much to lose by admitting that she was the mother of a stripper she abandoned to pursue her career. Rebuffed and broke, Jasmine was resigned to her fate, but as LeGrand finds out, her white boyfriend was not.
Was he ready to commit a tragic murder for all the right reasons?


Synopsis episode 3 : Concorde
Notorious young stunt man Alain “Spiderman” Robert is found dressed in climbing gear and neck broken at the base of the Obélisque.
Jo is intrigued by the wiring equipment the climber carries and convinces his boss Dormont to investigate the murder, as top coroner Angélique finds that someone intentionally killed Alain Robert. As he reflects on the Obélisque’s history and magnificence, Jo also sees it as a perfect point of observation of the surrounding buildings, including the suites famous Crillon Hotel.
The cops learn about a kinky humiliating sex play happening there at the time of the killing that involved the son of a rich industrialist and the wife of one of France’s most prestigious families’ heir. Seemingly outraced, the rich industrialist wanted to use video recordings as leverage against the family.
However, as Jo unfolds it, there is an even more sinister game at stake threatening the unhappy wife. No longer comfortable with the marriage they arranged, both her arriviste family and the powerful mother of her husband decide to put her out of the picture in a staged car accident.

Serie Serie [Le French May]
- Venue: Azure Restaurant slash Bar : 29 & 30/F, Hotel LKF by Rhombus, 33 Wyndham Street, Central.
- Free entrance. In English.
- Le French May : http://www.frenchmay.com/
- RSVP : azure@azure.hk

publié le 04/06/2015

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