70 students keen on knowing about France at the "Pre-Departure Briefing Session" [fr]

In order to give a warm welcome to students going to France on exchange and for a year-long language / Master’s programme the coming fall semester, the Campus France Office of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau organized a "Pre-Departure Briefing Session" on 7 June 2013 (Friday) at the Salle Segalen of the Consulate.

Around 70 students and representatives from 8 different postsecondary / tertiary institutions have joined our meeting with enthusiasm. The briefing was kicked off by the Attaché for Scientific and Academic Cooperations, Ms. Isabelle SAVES, with her opening speech pinpointing France as the second most popular choice (after the UK) for local students’ overseas studies in Europe, due to the pedagogical excellence in French know-hows (business and management in luxury, wine, hotel or cultural industry), technology (aviation, nuclear eneregy), creativity (fashion, design, cosmetics, architecture), culture (language, fine arts, cinema, performing arts) and gastronomy (cuisine, dessert-making), to name a few.
Isabelle Saves, attachée des coopérations scientifiques et universitaires - JPEG

She also emphasized the advantages of studying in France including the high-quality education at an affordable price, the international environment, the art of living, the facility to learn French and the future career opportunities back in Hong Kong. "After this first French experience," the Attaché added, "you are fully supported by the education team of the SCAC (Department of Culture, Education and Science) to further your studies in France by the education fairs, seminars and individual appointments we organized throughout the year. Our Consulate also offers various scholarships to help you finance your studies!"
Louis Cheung, chargé des affaires académiques et responsable de Campus France (Espace de Hong Kong) - JPEG

Mr. Louis Cheung, Academic Officer and Campus France Representative of the Consulate, then gave the presentation "Ready for France?" to inform the students of certain practical information once they arrive at the country. Besides the strategies to look for an apartment, enroll at university, obtain the residence permit, open a bank account, adhere to the health insurance, etc. Louis has also discussed the estimated living costs and benefits as a student living in France, as well as the associations that one can count on if any problems arise. Last-minute preparation like the visa application in Hong Kong, together with the tips for further studying in France were also mentioned.

The briefing session was concluded by the presentation of the French Alumni Association by their President, Mr. Jacky Lau, and the testimonies of several alumni who have studied in France for diverse durations and disciplines in different cities. Afterwards, they interacted freely with the students while enjoying some quiches and wine, French refreshments provided by the Consulate. The briefing was then turned into a vivid sharing of interesting experiences among all these French-culture-lovers in a festive ambiance.
Jacky Lau, Président de la French Alumni Association - JPEG
Les anciens étudiants de la France - JPEG
We sincerely hope that the students enjoyed the evening and that it would give their French adventure a confident and promising start.

publié le 11/06/2013

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