6th "Livres Hebdo" Grand Library Prize [fr]

Fewer and fewer people count reading as one of their main leisure activities. In fact, one third of French people admit to not even reading a book per year. This is why Livres Hebdo magazine has decided to show their support for francophone libraries around the world by annually holding the Grand "Livres Hebdo" Library Prize.

Libraries may compete in four categories: Prize for Innovation, Price for Reception, Prize for Interior Space and Price for Entertainment, whilst a Grand Prize is attributed to the library that possesses all such qualities.

Public and university libraries are thus invited to apply for the Grand Prize before October 15, 2015 by subscribing on libreshebdo.fr and by sending their dossiers via email to grandprixdesbibliotheques@electre.com. They may try out for one, or more, categories.

This year the President of the Jury, author David Foenkinos, will be joined by eight other members:
1. Laurent Pagès, Director of the community media library network of Aire sur l’Adour and Grand Prize Winner 2014
2. Assumpta Bailac, Director the public libraries of Barcelona
3. Gilles Gudin de Vallerin, director of the media library network of Montpellier Médtierranée Metropolis
4. Pascal Vandenberghe, CEO of Payot Bookshops (Switzerland)
5. Helen Wadowski, director of Flammarion Youth Department and President of SNE Youth Group
6. Claude Poissenot, Sociologist from Nantes University
7. Fabrice Pialut, Livres Hebdo Chief Editor
8. Véronique Heurtematte, Head of the Library Section at Libres Hebdo

The organization of such an event attests to the attempts and effort on behalf of Livres Hebdo to promote reading and support libraries.

publié le 18/06/2015

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