6/05 : Screening "A Cat in Paris" [French Animation Film Festival] [fr]


As part of the French Animation Film Festival which is held from February 4, 2015 to January 20, 2016, the Comix Home Base presents on Wednesday May 6 at 7pm, A Cat in Paris by Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli.


A cat leads a secret double life: he spends his days with Zoé, the daughter of a police chief, but at night he accompanies a cat burglar on the rooftops of the city. One day, while Zoé’s mother is investigating a series of night burglaries, a criminal kidnaps the little girl..

French Animation Film Festival - projection A Cat in Paris
‣ Comix Home Base - 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai
‣ Wednesday May 6, 19h
‣ Free Entrance, in English
‣ From 6 years old / Category IIA
‣ More information: http://comixhomebase.com.hk/

publié le 04/05/2015

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