4th Nobel Laureates Symposium on Global Sustainability - "4C: Changing Climate, Changing Cities" [fr]

The 4th Nobel Symposium “4C: Changing Climate, Changing Cities” – Which takes place at Asia Society Hong Kong Center in Admiralty from 22th of April to 25th of April 2015 - seeks to address the most fundamental challenges for cities in a world of rapid climate and socioeconomic change, by exploring past, present and future conditions of urban evolution. The event is held by both The Postdam Institute of Climate Impact Research and Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

The starting point will be a common definition of the phenomenon city and a discussion of the major advantages of density, size and economic specialization. This will prepare the grounds to examine the causal mechanisms behind the historical success of agglomeration as social organization and the changing roles of space and location for the formation of cities.


Day One will focus on the scientific basis for understanding the systemic conditions of urbanization as a co-evolutionary process between nature and society, from the ancient past to a future under severe climate change, and will explore the socioeconomics of urban change.

Day Two will review pertinent results from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment REPORT and explore the most pressing local and sectoral challenges in Asian cities. Air pollution, water, public health, transport and clean energy for cities in Asia will be discussed from political, technical and socioeconomic perspectives.

Day Three aims to fathom visionary but still attainable futures for cities in Asia and elsewhere.

The systemic insights from Day One, together with the local and sectoral insights from Day Two will converge into place-based visions for specific cities, and into a more comprehensive perspective of sustainable urban systems.

The symposium will close with the presentation of a memorandum signed by the participating Nobel Laureates. The memorandum will be sent to policymakers and relevant organizations - as an introduction to the COP 21 which will take place in Paris from 30th of November to 15th of December 2015. The concern and involvement of Laureates emphasizes the importance of the debate to gouvernments and decision-making bodies.

Some sessions are open to the public, plus there is a live webcast.

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