28/08 : "The Missing Picture" (被消失的影像) by Rithy Panh in HK theatres [fr]

Presented as HK premiere, last year during the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, the last film of the Franco-Cambodian filmmaker, Rithy Panh, The Missing Picture will release in cinemas on August 28, distributed by Edko Films.
For many years, I have been looking for the missing image: a photography taken between 1975 and 1979 by the Khmer Rouge (Red Cambodians) as they were ruling over Cambodia… On its own, of course, an image cannot prove mass murdering, but it gives us thoughts, brings us to meditate; writes down History.I searched for it vainly in the archives, in old papers, in the countryside of Cambodia.Today I know: this image must be missing. So I created it.What I give you today is neither an image nor the search for a unique image, but the image of a quest: the quest that cinema allows.
Top Prize Un Certain Regard section, Cannes Film Festival 2013

Information & Ticketing : Broadway Cinematheque

publié le 20/08/2014

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