24/10 - French Tech Tour China: Business France & Bpifrance support 11 French startups in Chinese High Tech scene [fr]

Business France and Bpifrance are delighted to announce the 11 startups selected for the “French Tech Tour China 2016”. From October 24, directors of these startups will participate in a two-week intensive immersion program at the Four Key Tech Hubs of China – Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. 7 of them were handpicked by a jury panel of French and Chinese experts, while the other 4 are winners of the French national innovation competition “Digital In-Pulse 2016” organized by Huawei. This one-of-a-kind program aims at enabling "China-Curious" startups to test their development potential and seize early-stage business opportunities in one of the most dynamic innovation markets in the world.


These startups, eager to enter the Chinese market, were interviewed by a jury panel of 21 French and Chinese experts** including players in the tech and digital ecosystem, venture capitals (VC), French entrepreneurs who have succeeded in China and international technical directors. The startups were selected for the innovative nature of their product or service, their adaptation to the Chinese market expectations, the robustness of their business model, and the extent of team involvement in the project.

Four of them were directly selected by Huawei, partner of French Tech Tour, during the national innovation competition “Digital In-Pulse 2016”.

The 11 winning startups participated at a boot camp at HUB Bpifrance last September. Six thematic workshops were carried out to facilitate them to integrate the specific codes and rules to the Chinese market as quickly and efficiently as possible. After a presentation of the four Chinese tech hubs, they were also taught about general practices and business culture in China, as well as some essential issues like intellectual property management, human resources or communications.

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24/10/2016 - French Tech Tour China Opening in Hong Kong

For several years, China’s economy has been moving upmarket. China has become one of the leading players of the ICT world, with over 688 million using the internet and the national champions such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent or Huawei, the Chinese equivalent of Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook. To support this innovation acceleration that affects all sectors of the economy, China would like to increase the share of R & D in their GDP to 2.5% in 2020 and open up to innovations from abroad.

Therefore, Business France and Bpifrance launch this ambitious programme “French Tech Tour China 2016” to enable startups to seize the opportunities of this huge market. During the customized B2B programme, the 11 French startups will be accompanied locally by Business France experts at every stage of the program to maximize the benefits of their visit. In the four cities, local French Tech network will be involved in this initiative to best explain the local ecosystem and share the experience of French entrepreneurs who have already set up their businesses.

Jury panel of French and Chinese experts

Matthieu Baret, Partner at Idinvest, Bruno Bonnell, President of Robopolis, Matthew Chan, Chief Digital Officer of K11 Concepts LTD, Ai Chao, VP Technology Cooperation – Head, Early Stage Investment of Huawei, Raouti Chehih, CEO of Euratechnologies, Nicolas Du Cray, Investment Director of Cathay Capital, François Chambon, Innovation Lab Director of Alcatel Onetouch, Richard Chiang, Executive Director of 3Nod Group China, Paul-François Fournier, Innovation Executive Director of Bpifrance, Zhao Guohong, Vice-President of Datang Telecom International Technology, Hu Hao, Senior Director of Tencent Open Platform, Liu Jiangping, Director of New Business Technology of Orange Lab China, Pierre Martin, Business Director of Siparex, Fred Raillard, Co-Founder and CEO of Fred & Farid, Xiaoming Shi, VP of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Fadwa Sube, Executive Board Member and VP International of Systematic, Ted Suen, Vice-President of Hong Kong Computer Society, Thomas Vial, Director of Innovation Technologies, Services and Aeronautics of Business France, Shuai Wang, Director of External Innovation and Business Development of Lenovo, Ken Xu, Managing Partner of Gobi Partners, Bo Yiqun, Co-founder of GWC and CEO of Daydayup.

11 selected French startups for French Tech Tour China 2016
JPEG Agorize is a French start-up specialized in open innovation challenges. For 5 years, our online solution has been enabling companies to efficiently engage with their employees or external communities in order to source innovation and talents.

JPEG BF SYSTEMES is the first private company exclusively dedicated to diver safety. It has developed a bio-sensor connected to a smartphone application enabling coaching programs, which are customized to each diver’s practice in order to optimize his safety.

JPEG Cailabs is a French start-up dedicated to bringing innovative photonics solutions based on its efficient and flexible light shaping technology of Mutli-Plane Light Conversion. They propose an upgrade solution for existing LAN fibers, to bring a new youth to LAN infrastructure without new fiber deployment.

JPEG Greenme is a service that allows accurate well-being measurement and helps to decide which improvement to make. With GreenMe Analytics, people can check, compare, be alerted and see 3D maps, in real time, of well-being in buildings.

JPEG Logipren is a medical platform dedicated to neonatal care units to avoid drug errors that represent 1 for 6 hand-written prescriptions on hospitalized babies. It is a software helping doctors to prescribe drugs and parenteric nutrition in neonatal care units.

JPEG Mozoo is a leading independent advertising group providing tailored end-to-end mobile solutions. The group has focused on delivering extremely cost-effective performance and brand engagement campaigns through innovative premium creative executions that are unique and exclusive.

JPEG Pradeo is the mobile Apps security expert. The core of the digital revolution is based on the Apps model. They have developed a unique technology; an analysis engine able to reveal and to remedy all hidden Apps’ behaviors and vulnerabilities.

PNG SeniorAdom has created an innovative telecare and monitoring system that allows elderly and/or disable people to live in their own apartment alone with more safety. The life habits of the beneficiary are automatically learnt by SeniorAdom software.

PNG Teqoya produces and commercializes air purificators. The new innovation relies on an ionization solution, which presents the benefits to be silent, ozone-free and respectful of the environment and with no maintenance required.

JPEG Twipbox is a mobile printing solution for the general public and all size of business. Twipbox offers an online platform to create public and private printers spots.

JPEG With a vision to boost data-intensive applications in the datacenter, uPmem is developing a cost efficient and massively scalable Processing-In-Memory solution to address the Memory Wall issue, without disrupting the ecosystem.


For further information, please visit the official website of “French Tech Tour China 2016”:

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